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Choose one of three service models
that best suits your needs:

Buy our services and put them under your own brand

Select us as your new provider. Benefit from our wealth of expertise, consistent, reliable support that outperforms our rivals and better value overall.

Let us set you up and help steer the way

For smaller companies not 100% sure of their tech needs, we can set you up, offer direct support for your customers and even do your billing, either under your brand or ours.

Sell our products and services on commission

If you’re a salesperson looking for a change, why not switch to Coretel and embrace new opportunities? Get on board with a reliable, trustworthy service and reap the rewards.


Partner Network

Put your business with us and enjoy fully customised services.


Discover what we can do for your business

We work with you to customise your service and adapt to your specific needs. We help you design a solution, which is fully supported going forward.

From small businesses to large enterprises, our experience covers all

Our service offering can be adapted to any sized business across the whole of Australia. Our partners benefit from better value and a greater profit share.

There are no limits to who we can help

Slow service, poor support and negligible remuneration are things of the past. Discover the rewards of partnering with Coretel today.

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About Us

Coretel is a telecommunications-based wholesale and retail company serving the whole of Australia. Our specialised team provides a one-stop shop for internet and telephone services, including customised advice, installation, set-up, programming and support.


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